Privacy Policy

About personal information having you offer the S&S engineering (as follows "we") for a company activity, we establish the following privacy policies based on laws and ordinances concerned, and education teaches it for all employees and person concerned and will promote protection of the personal information.

1. Range of the personal information in this privacy policy

We point to the information about the matter that you should consider that stops at the information added in information to belong to an individual even if we cannot identify it with the personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law and the authorized individual with the personal information in this privacy policy later, and might cause a disadvantage, unfair prejudice to a thing, an individual with the identification possibility.

2. About the acquisition and disclosure, the use of the personal information

We notify the person of the purpose immediately unless we announce the use purpose about the acquisition of the personal information, and we perform this by appropriate means. In addition, except a matter about the protection of an exception to fix for laws and ordinances or a human body, the life, We disclose personal information to a third party without the agreement of the person and do not use it across the range that is necessary for the achievement of the announced use purpose.

3. Laws and ordinances, observance and review of the model

We observe laws and ordinances, guidelines on our country applied about personal information to hold it or other models and act as the content for an appropriate review, the improvement.

4. Safety management measures

  1. We keep personal information the correct and latest state and carry out safety measures of the personal information and act for severe management.
  2. We observe an appointed rule, rule on the acquisition, the use, preservation, an offer, deletion, the disposal of personal information and carry out the appropriate handling.
  3. We do not keep personal information across an on-the-job necessary range and we delete the appropriate period by an appropriate method after the progress and discard the personal information that became unnecessary.
  4. When the facts such as leaks of the personal information are found out, we take prevention measures of the second damage immediately and announce an investigation and the preventive measures of facts against recurrences depending on a case immediately.

5. About trust of the handling of the personal information

When we entrust you with the handling of the personal information, we perform necessary and appropriate supervision for the trust. I offer consent only to the given trust beforehand and do not provide it across an on-the-job necessary range.

6. Window of a complaint, the consultation

Also, we establish the window in the plan Management Department on accepting a complaint about our correspondence and cope adequately and quickly and act as us about an inquiry and consultation about the handling of the personal information to plan a solution in question.

We would like below the inquiry about this matter.

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